Internet Marketing Consulting & Services

YT E-Consulting is a Vancouver-based Internet marketing company providing professional Internet marketing advice and assistance to businesses that wish to increase the number of leads, clients and sales by using power of the Web and online marketing.

We can guide and assist you in developing an optimum online marketing strategy, website audit and analysis, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click campaign management (PPC), local Internet marketing, social media marketing, website analytics, other aspects of online business.

Consulting Services - $125/hour
Internet marketing consulting can be provided as a one-time service or as a series of consulting sessions. It can be provided by e-mail, personal meetings or by phone, instant messaging or video conferencing tools. Hourly fee for the service is $125. Minimum billable time is one hour.
PPC Audit - $299+10% of Last-Month Budget
Do you run PPC campaigns in-house but the results you get are not that encouraging? You need an experienced PPC professional to take an unbiased look at your account and identify problems and inefficiencies that prevent you from taking the full advantage of PPC advertising.

We will thoroughly analyse your account and provide you with clear, easy to follow recommendations which will help substantially improve performance of your account and save you money.

The cost of PPC audit service is $299 + 10% of last-month budget. For large budgets in access of $100,000 per month, we can apply a lower % of last-month budget. Please contact us for a free quote now!

PPC Management Services - Starting $499/month
With the help of pay-per-click advertising (PPC), you can get highly-targeted traffic and potential clients to your website already today. Your ad will appear in paid results of search engines and on a variety of other popular websites.

Some advertisers try to run a PPC campaign themselves, but often quickly get disappointed and quit due to a high cost and unsatisfactory results they get. Professionally run PPC campaigns are different since they do actually bring results and positive ROI. Empowered with extensive experience and knowledge of PPC tools and methods, we will ensure that the campaigns will help your business get new clients and sales while keeping your expenses and acquisition costs as low as possible.

We have been successfully managing campaigns ranging from smaller budgets of a few hundred dollars per month to large budgets in excess of $500,000 per month. We can can provide professional PPC help for your business regardless of its size and budget required.

Pricing for the PPC Campaign Management service starts from $499 per month. These includes 4 hours of PPC optimization and maintenance. For advertising budgets exceeding $5000 per month, the fee is 10-15% of your monthly PPC advertising budget. In some cases, we are also willing to consider custom-made or performance-based fee schedules depending on a particular situation. Please contact us for a free quote now!

SEO Technical Audit - $1,299
Most of websites on the Internet have problems and/or shortcomings that affect their ranking in search engines. Owners do not realize that they lose substantial amount of traffic and potential customers daily due to some things that can often be fixed fairly fast and easy. When the problems are fixed and website is better optimized for search engines, an increase in online visibility can be amazing.

We can thoroughly analyze your website (its code, internal structure, content, etc) and provide a written report outlining detected problems and providing clear, easy to understand recommendations on how to fix them. The cost of SEO On-Page Optimization Report is $1,299.

Web Analytics - Starting $499/month
Web Analytics is an efficient way to get insight into your website visitors: how they get to your website, by using which search engines, which particular queries, how long time they spend on the site, via which pages they came in and where they exit, which visitors do actually convert and which marketing channels are the most efficient, hundreds of other parameters. This information will allow you to get an idea on what needs to be done to improve your website, your marketing efforts, conversions and your ROI.

For those who are just starting with Web Analyitics, we can help install Google analytics code on your website, set up goals and conversion tracking. Then we will help you build, monitor and analyze statistical reports providing more insights on your website performance and giving recommendations as to how improve it. The minimum package starts at $499 per month and includes 4 hours of consulting and support.